first up—–

IG has been my go to spot in seeing everyone’s quilting sewing ect but mostly quilting i joined my first swap a few months back and decided to start with a mug rug its small… but 42970 tries later i got one good enough to send out.  well anyways i thought these swaps were awesome and ran with it joining 430 of them and Im enjoying the process of creating something crafty for someone random. my first real swap went out yesterday. It was a Alison Glass swap.. and like the mug rug it took me 3577 tries to get it good enough…. very far from perfect tho.  But i sent it off to CA with a bunch of other random stuff.  Its OK i mean if you look at very closely the binding is wonky and the pinwheels are not very straight. Its a little strange sending something to someone you never met..but awesome to see what you get… and in the long run its just a mini quilt not your child.. so i will run with it